Open Ceramics Special Issue on Electroceramics

Open Ceramics is an official, peer-reviewed, Open Access Journal of the European Ceramic Society, published by Elsevier. 

The journal Open Ceramics publishes the results of original research and reviews relating to all classes of ceramic materials, from traditional to advanced ceramics, from glasses to refractories, from bioceramics to ceramic matrix composites. Research results focused on raw materials, powders, fibres, coatings, sintered components, porous or compacted bodies are all within the scope of the journal. Contributions dealing with scientific aspects or applied research and reporting experimental, theoretical and modelling approaches and new perspectives will be welcomed on a fully international basis. 

Open Ceramic will publish a Special Issue dedicated to Recent Advances and Future of Electroceramics.

The Guest Editors of this Special Issue of the Open Ceramics journal aim at gathering contributions addressing recent progress in the field of Electroceramics, including fundamentals and methods, materials and functionalities, and novel applications of Electroceramics.