Result of the call « Grant for 2017 American Winter Workshop »

There were 34 candidates from 18 countries and 15 grants were allowed.

The grants were allowed in the framework of the European and American Ceramist Student Exchange Program to the following candidates:

  • Manuel Gruber, Austria                
  • Tomas Spusta, Czech Republic    
  • Jens Quitzau Adolphsen, Denmark      
  • Arnaud Ndayishimiye, France     
  • Florian Weyland, Germany          
  • Ruben Khachaturyan, Germany 
  • Fabian Altermann, Germany       
  • Francesca Zurlo, Italy                      
  • Kristaps Rubenis, Latvia                 
  • Michał Bobruk, Poland                   
  • Ilona Jastrzębska, Poland              
  • Vasile-Adrian Surdu, Romania    
  • Catalina Andreea Stanciu, Romania      
  • Nikola Tasic, Serbia                          
  • Laura Stoica, United Kingdom      
Dr Francis Cambier, Secretary of ECerS and Prof. Anne Leriche, Past-President of ECerS, visited the Winter Workshop on Saturday 21st January, here are some pictures of this visit: