JECS Trust

The Electroceramics Network is sponsored by the JECS Trust.

The JECS (Journal of ECerS) Trust was formally set up in December 2007 to oversee the expenditure of funds passed on to the European Ceramic Society (ECerS) by the Society's Journal and by its publisher, Elsevier.

In its allocation of the Trust's resources, the Board of the Trust aims:

  • to enable the European Ceramic Society to engage in a broad range of activities for the benefit of its membership;
  • to strengthen research and teaching within the subject of ceramics;
  • to maintain and build on the current strong position of the Journal.

Examples of supported activities:

  • Events such as workshops which are specifically aimed at students/early stage researchers/high school teachers.
  • Activities coming from ECerS Working Groups (after acceptance by the ECerS PEC).
  • Funding of visits by individual researchers to other laboratories within Europe for the purposes of learning new techniques or accessing equipment not available in their own laboratories.
  • Workshops on topical research areas, put on either as part of the ECerS biennial conferences or at other times. For all such meetings, Elsevier would have a strong interest in considering the publication of a Special Issue of Journal of ECerS containing high quality papers from the meeting.

Favourable factors:

The Board of the Trust does not wish to be unduly prescriptive and applications of any kind which fall within the rules are welcome. 
However, the following list of factors which are viewed favourably in ranking the proposals may be useful:

  • activities involving a collaboration between different European Ceramic Society member or associate member countries;
  • activities involving student/early stage researchers;
  • the use of Journal of ECerS Trust funding for an identifiable benefit that would not otherwise be possible;
  • activities leading to high quality contributions to the Journal of the European Ceramic Society;
  • applications from regular contributors to the Journal;
  • significant contributions from other sources, where it is appropriate to the activity.
Please go to the Journal of ECerS Trust website ( in order to download the application forms.

Applicants wishing to receive financial support from the Journal of ECerS Trust should submit their bids electronically to the joint Journal of ECerS Trust/ECerS secretariat.

Decision on awards are taken by the Board of the Journal of ECerS Trust.
Deadlines: 31st of May and 30th of November every year