Presentation and Poster Information

Preparation of talks 
Please record your talk using one of the options described below and save it in the .mp4 format. The video file should be uploaded into the conference registration system (ExOrdo) before August 12 – please log in to the system using your credentials (same that you used for abstract submission and registration) and select “Upload Presentation Material” in your Dashboard. The video should be prepared according to the following criteria:
  • Resolution: we recommend 720p, but also 480p is possible (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Format: mp4
  • Max. file size: 500 MB 
  • Length: max. 15 min for contributed talks, max. 25 min for invited talks
Please note that video files exceeding the above limitations cannot be accepted. In addition to the video file, you can also upload a short biography of max. 200 words (optional). 

How to prepare a video file of your presentation?

There are different options for preparing your presentation as a video. Here we present only two, which we found most convenient:
  • Use the presentation program of your operating system (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint) and save them as mp4 file.
  • Use one of the online conferencing software (e.g., Zoom, Webex Meetings, Skype, Google meet, etc.). Follow the link for the exact procedure and detailed instructions. In general, you can deliver your presentation in a meeting and record the session, which you can then save as a mp4 file.
  • Use screen recording softwares, for example Camtasia (trial version), OBS (free), Panopto (trial), Screencast-O-Matic (free), Snagit (trial), etc. Most of them come as an Add-In for PowerPoint, but you can also use them to record presentations of different programs. It is also possible to edit your video after recording.
Here are some tips about recording your video files: 

Preparation of posters
The posters can be prepared using any software (e.g., PowerPoint, Illustrator, etc.); however, they have to be saved and uploaded in the PDF format. We recommend using page size of at least A3 or larger. The maximum allowed size of the uploaded file is 50 MB, but we recommend making your files smaller than 10 MB. In addition to the poster, you can also upload a short biography of max. 200 words (optional). 
Optional: You can also prepare a separate max. 5 min audio or video description of your poster and upload it along your PDF poster file. This would enable other attendees to have a better understanding of your poster contribution outside the live poster session. 
Here are some tips about recording your audio/video files: