Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is now open!

Participants are invited to contribute to the conference by means of an oral or poster presentation. For this, it is obligatory to submit an abstract. Abstract submission is open until 5th June 2020. Those who have already submitted an abstract can keep their abstract, modify or retract it also until June 5th. Notifications will be sent on 15th July at the latest.

The abstract has to be submitted via the online system platform Ex Ordo. Registration to the Ex-ordo conference system is required prior to abstract submission. You will be redirected to the Ex Ordo webpage after clicking here:

The submission of an abstract for Electroceramics XVII indicates an understanding of the following:

  • All author(s) approve the submission of the work for presentation.
  • The author(s) indicate their preference for a poster or an oral communication.
  • The abstract should consist of 300 words maximum (without title, author(s) and affiliation). One image may be added.
  • Two presentations maximum per participant are allowed.
  • Based on the scientific content and quality, the local scientific committee will select abstracts for either poster or oral communication in one of the scheduled symposia. They reserve the right to change a presentation, indicated for an oral communication, to a poster presentation.
  • If accepted for a presentation (poster or oral), the author(s) commit(s) to present at the conference the content communicated in the abstract and to keep the title unchanged.
  • At least one author is registered to present the abstract if selected for the program. The authors will immediately notify the Electroceramics XVII secretariat (ecers@bcrc.be) if they are unable to present an abstract or if the presenting author has changed. In that case, the organisers reserve the right to remove a presentation from the program.

After submitting the abstract, you will receive a confirmation email within the next hour. In case you do not receive this message within the next 12 hours, please check your spam folder or contact the organizers.